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If it is difficult for you to book via online booking system, please feel free to send us your reservation request by the following form.

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Reservation request form

If possible, please make a reservation online below.

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Please fill in the following form. After we receive your request, we will reply to you about the availability. 

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Difference of 2 room types

We are small accommodations with only two rooms located in the northern part of Okinawa.  Because the 2 rooms have some limitations, after you understand the following details, please send to us your reservation request.  Thank you so much.


Japanese and Western style room

Japanese style tatami room


More detailed information

More detailed information
Features 2 three-quarter beds / Ryukyu tatami mattress Ryukyu Beegu tatami
Kids  Infants, toddlers and older can be included.  Infants, toddlers and older can be included. 
Breakfast available as a room service available as a room service
Bath  separate bathtub and shower   a shower room without a bathtub
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